• 1Foundation Piles

    Buildings, piled embankments, bridges, ports and marine structures (able to produce up until 50m single length without jointing).

  • 2Retaining Walls

    Retaining and quay walls.

  • 3Columns

    Prefabricated construction of building and marine structure.

Special Features and Merits


  • 1 Large Bearing Capacity

    Centrifugal method of pile forming produces high strength dense concrete which results in larger bearing capacity for the same given section.

  • 2Large Bending Moment Capacity

    The effects of prestressing, geometry of section and high strength concrete give rise to large bending moment capacity.

  • 3Highly Resistant to Sulphate Attack and Steel Reinforcement Corrosion

    The effect of prestressing prevents cracking in the piles. Even if cracking may occur due to a temporary excessive load, it will disappear as soon as the load is removed so that full protection of the prestressing bars from corrosion is assured. The high concrete density also has high resistance to sulphate attack.

  • 4Strong Joint and Easy to Form

    On completion of welding work, the welded joint becomes instantaneously as strong as the pile body. Moreover, the joint welding work can be done by utilizing fully automatic welding methods. This is also to ensure that the full strength of weld is produced.

  • 5Easy Installation, Noiseless, Non-Vibrative Installation Methods Possible

    Various kinds of installation methods which have significant sound and vibration effects have been developed to adapt to different types of environment.

  • CEPCO PHC Piles also offer the following additional features and merits due to higher strength:

  • 1Higher Structural Strength

    Spun concrete compressive strength of 80N/mm² is achieved and hence improve the overall structural strength of piles such as allowable axial load capacity, tensile capacity and bending capacity.

  • 2More Economical

    CEPCO PHC Piles can be driven to much harder bearing strata to achieve higher bearing capacity. This results in overall saving in the foundation cost.

  • 3Improved Overall Quality

    Overall quality of piles is further improved particularly resistance to corrosion and sulphate attack due to further reduction in the permeability of the concrete.

  • 4Earlier Delivery Period

    CEPCO PHC Piles are ready for driving earlier than the normal piles due to the higher concrete compressive strength being achieved.